Dear Customer, We want to start by saying “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for all your support. We worked very hard, non-stop to keep the business open. However, due to COVID-19 debts and restrictions we could not make it. We will close on September 18, 9PM. Thank you for believing in us and our cause. Graham and Olga

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Visit our lounge and enjoy our awesome beer and food. We have the best patio in town!!

Our Story

After years of loyal service to Canada we want to serve again, but in a way that is very unique

Our Beer

Awesome beer with an even better cause!!

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We have completed dangerous missions while in the military.  This was our job, and part of our service.  Now, we want to serve again.  This time we want to serve those who have served us, and who continue to serve and need our help. 

Too many brave military and first responder veterans are still suffering from their wounds after putting their lives at risk for our country.  Help us to change this!

We do not ask you to make the same sacrifices we have made for our country.  We do, however, ask for your support.  It’s easy!  You can do your part.  Just buy our amazingly delicious craft beer and we donate a percentage of our beer sales to military and first responder’s programs.

Who are we?

We are Canadian Military Veterans with a purpose. After years of loyal service to Canada we want to serve again, but in a way that is very unique.

Our Mission

We want to serve our ‘brothers and sisters-in-arms’ who need our help by donating a percentage of beer sales to help support military and first responder veterans' PTSD therapy programs.

About The Beer

Our beer is known for its quality, authenticity and consistency. We take our high brewing standard seriously. We will not be satisfied until you feel like standing up and saluting after every pint!!

Our Purpose

To produce and sell our amazing craft beer, and to direct some of the net profits towards PTSD rehabilitative programs which help our military and first responder veterans get the help they need and deserve to heal from service-related trauma injuries or wounds.