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Do you know what combat PTSD is like?  Luckily, most of you do not have to ever experience this life-destroying affliction.  Many of who served our country have had to battle these demons after being exposed to high-risk environments.

We are veteran-owned and therefore know that many military and first responder veterans struggle with Operational Stress Injuries (known as OSI's).  The worst of these mental injuries is PTSD.  Many vets have PTSD from their service, which for thousands has included being in combat and witnessing the death and destruction that entails.

We are all proud of our service in helping to protect our country's interests, laws and ideals here, and in other parts of the world.  We all feel we have made a difference, and would never trade our good or bad experiences, and the camaraderie we experienced for anything.  But, this has come at a huge price for many.  Some vets are too 'broken' to get help and cannot leave their house.  Some don't know how to seek help, especially when it comes to requesting benefits and services.  Some are living on the street.  Others, very sadly, have chosen to end their lives.  Many vets are just too proud to ask for help.  Hey, we didn't serve with the intention to be helped later on.

The truth is, many veterans need to be able to live normal lives, free of physical and psychological pain.  We think it's time to get them this help so we are doing our part by donating a percentage of our beer revenue to help support veterans' programs.

It is possible for you to give back, and help us help them.  Just buy our delicious craft beer and you will be helping us support our veterans!

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