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Why Does V2V Black Hops Brewing Exist?

Do you know what PTSD is like? Luckily, most of you do not have to ever experience this life-destroying affliction. Many of our veterans, military and first responders have PTSD from their service. They (we) have to battle these demons after being exposed to high-risk environments, and witnessing the death and destruction that entails. In addition to that, transitioning from service to the 'civilian world' is extremely difficult for most of us. If you add the fact that many veterans trying to make the transition are burdened with service-related injuries it becomes almost impossible. Many feel they just don't 'fit in'. They find themselves jumping from job to job or worse, unemployed and/or possibly homeless after leading missions and occupying positions of great responsibility while serving our country. Veterans and active members need to be able to live normal lives, free of physical and psychological pain. We think it’s time to help them so that is why we exist.

A message from the CEO
Paul from Spinnakers
Our story, our brewpub

V2V Black Hops Brewing was started in June 2018 by military veteran, Graham Hafey, as way of contract-brewing beer selling it to raise money for military and first responder’s PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) programs. After running as non-profit for 21 months, V2 Black Hops Brewing has recently acquired a microbrewery and lounge in Langford, B.C., formerly known as the Axe and Barrel. We are the only brewpub in our area and with your support we will continue to give veterans and first responders. You can give back, and help us help them. Just buy our delicious craft beer and get to honor and support those who have served to protect our freedom so you can drink it in peace!

What We have Donated

We donate $25c per pour (Flight, sleeve and pint).

With you help we have raised and donated this much so far


We donate to organizations that provide support to military and first responder veterans suffering from service-related trauma injuries.

Cockrell House

A homeless Veteran’s shelter located in Colwood, BC. It provides safe transitional housing and social services to help ex-military personnel integrate back into society in a healthy way.

Can Praxis

An Alberta equine therapy organization that helps military and first responder veterans and their families cope with the impact of PTSD and mental health issues through interaction with horses.

BC and Alberta Guide Dogs

A producer of certified PTSD Service Dogs.  Military and RCMP Veterans can receive life-changing service dogs free of charge.  These special dogs take two years to train and cost over $35,000 each.

We have also donated $500 to a veteran in need

Our Partnership

These are our valued partners; the organizations who donate time or money, who buy our products or who we collaborate with. We would not be able to achieve our mission of helping veterans without our valued partnerships!

Jawl Bundon LLP

Our Advisor, Kim J. Thank you for guiding our organization and for your generosity in offering your services free of charge


Paul H. Thank you for donating your experience and resources to partner with us through contract-brewing

Mark Ferries

Our musicians, led by Mark Ferris, for helping us to create a great atmosphere on our patio

Our Website provider, Andres Restrepo. Thank you for your support and great work!!

Pro Patria Coffee Company

Ryjon & Cam at Pro Patria Coffee Company A fellow military veterans company. Look for their awesome coffee on sale at our brewpub!

Blightys Bistro

We are having “Backyard BBQs” on Sundays in partnership with Blightys Bistro. Check out this amazing restaurant located in beautiful Oak Bay, Victoria, BC and try some of Chef James’ gourmet creations!

Who Buys & Sells Our Beer

All the businesses that buy and sell our beer. Thank you so much!! Find all our supporting businesses here in our beer finder