The Mission & Who We Support

Wounded soldier

We have completed dangerous missions while in the military.  This was our job, and part of our service.  Now, we want to serve again.  This time we want to serve our 'brothers and sisters-in-arms who need our help.  You can help too.

As you saw on our welcome page, many military and first responder veterans have been affected by their service.  Those with Operational Stress Injuries (OSI's) and combat PTSD need access to benefits and rehabilitative programs in order to be given the ability to live normal lives with a decent quality of life.

Transitioning from military life to the 'civilian world' is extremely difficult for most of us.  If you add the fact that many veterans trying to make the transition are burdened with service-related injuries it becomes almost impossible.  Many feel they just don't 'fit in'.  They find themselves jumping from job to job or worse, unemployed and/or possibly homeless after leading missions and occupying positions of great responsibility while in the military.

Although there are many veterans in need  of help and support across our nation we have chosen to start by supporting veterans close to home.  We are proud to have partnered with Cockrell House, a homeless veterans' shelter located in Colwood, BC.  We believe no one should be homeless, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED OUR COUNTRY!

We have also partnered with Can Praxis in an effort to help support their cause as well.  Can Praxis is the first organization to offer Equine Therapy.  They currently treat military and emergency services personnel (and their spouses!) who suffer from PTSD.

We do not ask you to make the same sacrifices we have made for our country.  We do, however, ask for your support.  It's easy!  You can do your part.  Just buy our amazingly delicious craft beer!

Thank you so much for your support!

Ps. You will love our beer!
Cockrell House
Homeless Veterans' Shelter
Colwood, BC
Camp My Way