Victory Ale

Hey everyone!

It's official!  Our first batch of beer (actually an ale) will be ready during the first week of November - just in time for Remembrance Day.  I am brewing approximately 2,700L of this 'English-style Bitter Ale'!  This equates to about 48 kegs (50L kegs)!  It is called Victory Ale, and it commemorates our brave Canadian soldiers who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom 100 years ago in World War 1.

We like working under pressure, and there is some pressure to make sure our story is told and that we pre-sell as much of the beer as possible.  We are making progress, but this is a tough industry.  We knew this going into it.  We're not ones to shy away from any challenge, though!

We exist to produce great beer in this tough market, but with a strong cause of donating to veterans' programs to help get military and first responders the support they need and deserve.

So, your task is easy.  Please support us by buying our beer.  Don't worry, it is really good, and no one has done a 'Bitter Ale' here (only ESB's).  So please see below and go and have a pint or two at the following locations!  Thank you for your support!

Yates Street Taphouse

Felicitas (UVIC) Pub

Bear Mountain - Masters Lounge

Fleet Club Pacific

CFB Esquimalt Wardroom

Garrick's Head Pub *pending


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